On my Radar for Summer 2020: Grab a Knife and Fork

Spring 2020 is just about finished, which means Summer is right around the corner and HOO boy is going to be something to see! With many springs series pushed back, and a whole slew of other shows, it’s going to be hard to watch just about everything. Still I have nailed down a few shows that I’ll be covering on the blog. Like I’ve said before, I won’t be covering Sword Art Online, as I want to watch the whole thing when it is completed, and I’ll still be watching Fruits Basket, but these are the shows that will get the blog treatment. So let’s see what’s on my radar for Summer 2020 after the cut!

Luxury Anime Summer Wallpaper Hd | Anime Wallpaper
This picture is happier than anything Subaru is going to endure.

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Don’t @ Me: Nine of my Anime Opinions: Inuyasha News (and other stuff) Edition

It’s Monday, and which means it’s time for me to talk about stuff. Welcome to Don’t @ Me, the time where, like Inuyasha and Kagome yelling each other’s names over and over (and over, and over, and over, AND OVER) again. I’m here to shout out my thoughts and views on anything related to anime and the like. This week we’re talking about that Inuyasha news and some other shit. Let’s get into it after the cut.

Inuyasha Meme
Oh my god, it’s going to happen again…

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Don’t @ Me: Ten of My Anime Opinions: Bunch of Stuff Edition

We took last week off, but now we are back in the saddle. Welcome to Don’t @ Me where, like my bewilderment at the idea that people think Sword Art Online is ‘the worst anime ever’, I log into this world to give you my hot-takes and from the hip opinions on everything related to Anime, Manga and the like. Plenty to talk about this time around, so grab your waifus, and let’s get to it!

Anime Girl Run | Running Scenes Compilation | Watching Android ...
Gotta stay fit, even in a Pandemic!

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Isekai Quartet 2: More Laughs, More Fun

I won’t rehash my views on Isekai on this post. There are good isekai, and there are great Isekai. The show we are talking about today works because it takes the characters from the ‘big four’ Isekai (Tanya the Evil, Konosuba, Overlord, and ReZero) and smashes them together for comedic fun. That worked damn well last time, but is the shine still around for the season season? Join me after the cut as we dive into Isekai Quartet 2!

La segunda temporada del anime Isekai Quartet se estrenará el 15 ...
Also sometimes staring Rising of the Shield Hero!

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Don’t @ Me: Ten of my Anime Opinions: Coronavirus Edition

The world may be getting sick, which means its anime’s time to rise. Welcome back to Don’t @ Me where, like the hope that the cute Platelets will save us all, I march out my opinions on anime, manga and anything else concerning this great industry. We took a week off to do some housekeeping last time, but now we are back. So join me after the cut as I prescribe ten more of my opinions!

Image result for anime platelets
The Platelets will save us all.

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Quick Thoughts on ReZero Season 1 Relaunch and Season 2 News!: I am Intrigued.

I’ve made it no secret on this blog that I love Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World. I think it is the closest Isekai has gotten to it’s ‘great work’ and it remains not just the best anime of it’s year, but one of the best of the last decade. Natsuki Suburu’s character arc is one of the best in the entire anime artform, and the character of Rem has become one of those rare characters that will define an entire waifu generation.

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season
The suffering of Subaru continues

We’ve already known about the second season, and now we’ve gotten a confirmation that it will be airing in spring 2020, with 2 cours no less. This is excellent news, as the sooner we can get back to this world the better. What was surprising though is the news that season one is going to be re-aired and re-edited in the lead up to the premier of season 2. Yet not only is the first season going to be re-edited, it is going to have new footage!

Now I am not expecting much from this new footage, which will probably just stretch out a few scenes and add bit more meat to some areas. What is important though, is that this inserting of new footage will hopefully mean they piece of the ending they cut (because they probably never thought the series would get a second season) will be put back in. I won’t talk about it in detail here, but what they cut from the final scenes of ReZero is MONUMENTALLY important because of what happens next. So if anything, I do hope that we get a clear transition from the happy ending of the first season, to the continued suffering of the next.

I love ReZero to death, and I can’t wait to go back into this world, yet I won’t lie to you. I’m keeping my hopes for this season SUBTERRANEAN. I don’t want to go in with any wishes, desires or expectations, and in fact I’m going to be going in with the lowest of low bars. If the season is even as half as good as the best parts of the first, then we are in for a very good time.


Tune of the Week(ish) ReZero’s Paradisus-Paradoxum

Readers of this blog will very well know that I hold ReZero in the highest of esteem. It is one of the best anime I’ve seen, can be credited with almost single handily renewing my interest in the genre, and frankly, it is just a bloody masterpiece. The music isn’t half bad too! The Tune of the Week is the second opening theme of ReZero: Paradisus-Paradoxum by MYTH & ROID

I Heard you Like Lists: My Favorite Anime and Manga Lines

Do you like lists? I like lists, and I heard you like lists too. So today we have, as list! Anime and Manga have no shortage of great moments, characters and scenes, but they also have some wonderful pieces of dialogue. This post today is going to highlight just some of my favorite lines from a variety of different anime and manga series. Some are serious, some are funny, some are dubbed, others are subbed, others are strange. Let’s get into it after the cut!

This is not one of those lines, but Magical Sempai is too funny.

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Isekai Quartet: Greatest Crossover

Isekai Quartet is a show in which the enjoyment you get comes mostly from much you liked the four shows it borrows from. I am on record saying that ReZero is a masterpiece of an anime, and that The Saga of Tanya the Evil is probably freshest and most unique of the major Isekai shows. I’ve said that Konosuba is a great comedy that is a playful thumb in the nose of the common tropes, but also just a fun story with some of the best characters around. And Overlord is…well it has a great premise on a familiar concept, but I just can’t get into it. Still 3 out of the 4 is pretty good.

So with all that said, you can probably tell that I liked the mini crossover series starring all four leads and their main cast members. What surprised me though was how much I loved it, and everyone else has. After the cut let’s take a dive into the breakout hit of the year: Isekai Quartet.

Isekai Quartet
I don’t think anyone expected it to be THIS GOOD.

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Tune of the Week(ish): Isekai Quartet’s Isekai Quartet!

Isekai has been around long enough now that there is safely a “big four” in the same veins of Shonen Jump’s old “Big Three”. So what happens when you smash those four together in a high school setting? Well you have the show Isekai Quartet, and the Tune of the Week is week is Isekai’s Quartet’s opening theme: Isekai Quartet sung by the main leads of Tanya the Evil, Overlord, ReZero and Konosuba!