Quick Thoughts on: Saga of Tanya the Evil Season 2 Announcement: Well that was a coincidence!

Man, I finished my re-dive at of the first season at the perfect time, didn’t I? This new is red hot off the presses, so there is no information on a release date, or even window.

But if you have missed it. Saga of Tanya the Evil is getting a second season!

I won’t re-hash my thoughts (again, I posted them literally this week), so I’ll just say that I’m thrilled this is happening. With the entire staff including studio returning to helm the next outing, hopefully there won’t be a downgrade that second seasons do often have.

Either way, Tanya is coming back, so buckle the fuck up.

Re-Dive: Saga of Tanya the Evil: A Class of its own

I’ve been on a bit of an isekai binge lately, revisiting and re-watching series I’ve always deeply enjoyed. At the top of that list was this anime, one that I’ve gushed about before and frankly, couldn’t wait to do it again. My praise was high the last time, but would it hold up on a second (or third) look? Well after the cut let’s take a re-dive into Saga of Tanya the Evil and find out!

My original thoughts are right here!

Evil has never been so smol
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Isekai Quartet 2: More Laughs, More Fun

I won’t rehash my views on Isekai on this post. There are good isekai, and there are great Isekai. The show we are talking about today works because it takes the characters from the ‘big four’ Isekai (Tanya the Evil, Konosuba, Overlord, and ReZero) and smashes them together for comedic fun. That worked damn well last time, but is the shine still around for the season season? Join me after the cut as we dive into Isekai Quartet 2!

La segunda temporada del anime Isekai Quartet se estrenarĂ¡ el 15 ...
Also sometimes staring Rising of the Shield Hero!

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Saga of Tanya the Evil The Movie: In Russian Federation….

I’ve made it no secret on this blog that I am a massive fan of the series Saga of Tanya the Evil. In fact I believe that it is tied with ReZero for being the best isekai made yet. In a time where 98% of Isekais chase the exact same plot set up, Tanya decides to take the Isekai and do something new with it. I’ve gushed about the show before, and I stand by everything I said.

So how does the feature film stand up? Well after the cut let’s take a dive into the next part in the story of our little German loli: Saga of Tanya the Evil The Movie.

Youjo Senki Movie
Cat Fight

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Isekai Quartet: Greatest Crossover

Isekai Quartet is a show in which the enjoyment you get comes mostly from much you liked the four shows it borrows from. I am on record saying that ReZero is a masterpiece of an anime, and that The Saga of Tanya the Evil is probably freshest and most unique of the major Isekai shows. I’ve said that Konosuba is a great comedy that is a playful thumb in the nose of the common tropes, but also just a fun story with some of the best characters around. And Overlord is…well it has a great premise on a familiar concept, but I just can’t get into it. Still 3 out of the 4 is pretty good.

So with all that said, you can probably tell that I liked the mini crossover series starring all four leads and their main cast members. What surprised me though was how much I loved it, and everyone else has. After the cut let’s take a dive into the breakout hit of the year: Isekai Quartet.

Isekai Quartet
I don’t think anyone expected it to be THIS GOOD.

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Tune of the Week(ish): Isekai Quartet’s Isekai Quartet!

Isekai has been around long enough now that there is safely a “big four” in the same veins of Shonen Jump’s old “Big Three”. So what happens when you smash those four together in a high school setting? Well you have the show Isekai Quartet, and the Tune of the Week is week is Isekai’s Quartet’s opening theme: Isekai Quartet sung by the main leads of Tanya the Evil, Overlord, ReZero and Konosuba!


Saga of Tanya the Evil: Just what the Doctor Ordered

I love Isekai anime, but I’ve made it clear on this blog and elsewhere that I feel that the Isekai genre is pissing away it’s vast potential by chasing the same plot points over and over again. Simply put, every Isekai seems to be more than happy telling the same story about a shut in NEET who becomes a god figure with his own harem, every time.

That has led to some great shows, but I feel Isekai could do more, and if they don’t try to do more with their blank check of a premise they have, then fans are going to get turned off.

In preparation for watching this seasons’ Isekai Quartet, a comedy series featuring the four most popular Isekai shows, I realized I had watched only three of them, so I quickly loaded up the fourth show in order to understand their relevance to the rest of the cast, and I am glad I did, because the show I watched is everything I needed from this genre. After the cut let’s take a dive into Saga of Tanya the Evil.

Image result for saga of tanya the evil
Don’t know how this fell through my radar.

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