Re-Dive: Sense of Values of Wine: Wholesome Hentai

I’m no stranger when it comes to talking about hentai on this blog. Most of the time it’s for fun and laughs, but I do believe there are legit good pieces of art and entertainment to come out of the genre, even if it is 100% just porn. While people may not engage with it, it is as part of the genre as anything else, and it should be looked at with fair eyes and clear judgment.

I’ve spoke about this series before, and even did a shallow dive on it, however as my skills as a blogger have grown, I wanted to come back and give this series a second look, because I felt that I didn’t really dive too much into it. So join me after the cut as I take a Re-Dive into Fuuga’s hentai manga: Sense of Values of Wine.


Sense Title
Cute Story, Cuter Butt

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I heard your like lists: My favorite blog posts of 2018.

Hey guys.

A simple blog post today. Here are my top ten favorite posts that I have written in my time so far on WordPress. I’m really proud of the points or words I made in these posts, and they remain tender favorites. Check them out on the links provided if you are interested!

10. Majikoi’s Momoyo Kawakami: Her Greed, and Her Fear

9. How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord: Simple, Superb, Successful.

8. Sense of Values of Wine: Wait…am I talking about a Hentai Manga?

7. Fatevember: Fate Stay Night’s Rin Tohsaka: The Tsundere with the Iron Will.

6. Let’s Start a Conversation: Is Anime Fandom Ready for Mainstream Attention?

5. Fatevember: Fate/Zero

4. Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card: Like Eating a Cake

3.¬†Shimoneta’s Anna Nishikinomiya: A Hilarious Warning about Policing Morality.

2. Fatevember: Fate Stay Night’s Shirou Emiya: The dreams of Youth.

1. Shinmai Maou’s Basara Toujou: Anime Blue-Balls, Sexual Independence and A Moment of Greatness.

Sense of Values of Wine: Wait…am I talking about a Hentai Manga?

Yes, this is happening.

If you have been following this blog, a few months back I threw up a list of my favorite manga and anime series of all time. On that list was a piece of work that is probably completely unknown to the general audience. I said that despite being a hentai (pornographic) manga, that I found myself invested by the touching romance between the two leads, which is far more than any work like this should be. So after the cut let’s take a dive into author Fuuga’s work: Sense of Values of Wine.

(This is a Hentai Manga, so there is a bit of NSFW content up ahead. Please read with discretion)

((I have re-dived into this series! Check out the up to date post here!))

Sense of Values of Wine - Wine  040
Yes, we are doing this.

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