Another Lady Innocent: Hold me tight, sweet Beauregard

This one has been on the list for a long, long time. The moment I knew I wanted to start reviewing hentai on the blog normally, it was this series and Bible Black that were for sure getting their own post. Let’s get into it, join me after the cut as I dive into the hentai series with two names Another Lady Innocent or Front Innocent!


Copulation on the Plantation.

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Nekopara Vol. 1: Pussy(cats), After Dark

((This post is dedicated to Pete Davison from Moegamer, for convincing me to get this game. Thanks a lot, you son of a bitch))

My foray into the world of visual novels continues. While I’m slowly working my way through Steins;Gate, I have also taken the time to look through another series, one that also has an anime series that is just about to wrap up. Let’s not waste anymore time, join me after the cut as I dive into the visual novel Nekopara Vol.1

(NSFW images right up ahead)

Switch Review] NEKOPARA Vol. 1 (#535) | Miketendo64 :Miketendo64

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Sitting down with Infinite Zenith: Yosuga no Sora

Hey guys.

It’s collaboration post time! While my good friends at Ecchi Hunter are busy with their own posts, I knew that I couldn’t let my look at the anime Yosuga no Sora: In solitude where we are least alone, end without a chance to sit down and talk it out with a fellow anime blogger. Infinite Zenith had recently watched the series as well, and was more than happy to sit down and hash out some thoughts! It was a damn great conversation and I admire Zen’s ability to dig into themes and settings (where I mostly go ‘yeah, that looks nice’). Of course I bring my own takes on the series that I hope were just as interesting!

I hope you all enjoy our conversation as much as we did having it!

Check out our post here!

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Final Thoughts on Yosuga no Sora: In solitude, where we are least alone.

Anime’s greatest strength is it’s ability to be many things, and tell so many different stories. That diversity of views, the ability to take almost any concept, from the heartwarming, to the tragic, to the comedic, to the just plain insane. When other people sit there and ask “why?” Anime proudly stands tall and says: “why not?”

That has been the mantra that I have approached here at¬†Shallow Dives in Anime. I don’t turn away from series just because they are strange, or address controversial or even taboo themes. These things deserved to be talked about, to be judged fairly and with open eyes. Whether you end up enjoying it is up to you, but to dismiss something out of hand just because it tackles something you might not approve is, in my view, the height of arrogance.

This month I have done such a thing, and after the cut, join me as I give you my final thoughts on Yosuga no Sora: In solitude, where we are least alone.

Image result for Yosuga no sora poster

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Yosuga no Sora: In solitude, where we are least alone: The Akira Arc

Our look at the anime series Yosuga no Sora: In solitude, where we are least alone continues! Last week we discussed the first two episodes and the Kazuha arc, which I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. This week we move on to the next two episodes which cover the other part of this story. Join me after the cut as we dive into next part of the series: The Akira Arc!

Image result for Yosuga no sora akira
Akira Amatsume: The girl who doesn’t want to rock the boat.

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Swing Out Sisters: Salt and Pepper

Man, I wonder if this is stepping over the Rubicon yet?

Shallow Dives in Anime has been no stranger when it comes to talking about Hentai. While I was hesitant to talk about it at first, I’ve come to the conclusion that no, I want to talk about these series, the ones I like, the ones that are important and so forth. I like hentai, as I am sure many people in the anime fandom do. It is part of this genre as much as anything else and while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It deserves to be discussed and talk about.

This series I’ve discussed a few times before, and it was number 1 on my list of top favorite hentai. Let’s not waste anymore time, after the cut let’s take a shallow dive into the hentai series: Swing Out Sisters.

((This is a Hentai. There will be VERY NSFW pictures up ahead. Please read with your own discretion.))

Swing Out Sisters
No actual sex on a swing.

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Emergence (Metamorphosis): Hard Read

Suck it Crow! You thought it was gonna be Chivalry of a Failed Knight!

2020 is here, and I’ve got a bunch of things planned for Shallow Dives in Anime. We’ve got the Summer of Love Part II, dives into the light novels of Goblin Slayer and more, along with more of everything at people here love (or tolerate). However I wanted to start off the year with a bang, with something to really get the blood flowing. This is going to be the “fun’ part of the post, because after this, it’s time to get serious. Without further ado, the series I thought I would NEVER talk about on this blog. Join me after the cut as I dive into the hentai manga with three different names.

Some call it Metamorphosis. Others call it 177013, I’m going to call it by it’s real title: Emergence


Cover Page
Falling into Chaos

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I heard you like lists: Ten of my Favorite Anime: Hentai Edition

Yes, this is happening.

I am a man of my word, I said that If I got 10 likes on a tweet, I’d make this post. Well it happened, so I’m doing it. Join me after the cut as I burn all that good will I made on that post about Anime tiddies, as I throw down my list of my top ten best hentai.

Prepare thyself.


Image result for seen enough hentai
No tentacle hentai, sorry!

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Parallel Paradise: No Happy Endings, Probably…..

After watching a shit ton of harem and ecchi animes over the past year and a half, I think I have a good idea on what makes certain shows work, and other shows fail, and it’s quite simple. Harem and Ecchi are at their best when they combine good fanservice, with strong storytelling. You cannot have one without the other and enjoy the level of success and fan reception that several shows have had.

Why though?

Honestly, it is because we live in the age of the internet, where some of the raunchiest and sexiest porn and adult content is a few google clicks away. If you want your dose of fanservice or just straight up porn, then you are more than sated thanks to the internet. With most ecchi harem comedies often taking a light touch compared to what else there is, there is little need for viewers to stick with a show that just has fanservice and nothing else.¬†Once has an ecchi show has delivered “the goods” or you’ve watched enough shows to get used to said “goods’ appearing in your anime, it doesn’t do much to keep a viewer coming back. What does keep people coming back to those shows however is the characters and stories.

High School DxD may have found initial success with it’s no holds barred embrace of the titty but did that alone carry it to four whole seasons? No, it was the great characters, amazing music, and solid storytelling that led the series to strength after strength. Did How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord become last years unexpected hit simply because of its well done ecchi? Perhaps, but it was also its good characterization, spot on humor, and mirror-shine polish of its isekai story that carried it through. Shows like Shomin Sample, Majikoi, Shimoneta, and Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple all found success BECAUSE they remembered they also had to tell a story and didn’t slack off in that department.

This is why so many other ecchi/harem shows often fail to maintain viewer interest. This year’s Senran Kagura was just BORING when it had to just depend on its weak characters and run of the mill plotline. Another World with my Smartphone didn’t even have any real fanservice to offset its abysmal female cast and Master of Ragnarok sucked even more. And yes it is probably the main reason why just watching a complication of all the fanservice scenes in Shinmai Maou No Testament is better than having to subject yourself to its worthless story and main characters. Shows like these never put the effort into having both story AND fanservice, and they all suffered for it.

I say all of this because a few weeks ago I came across a manga series that reminded me how much ecchi/harem shows can work when you put in enough effort for the story. So after the cut let’s take a shallow dive into Lynn Okamoto’s Parallel Paradise.


Image result for parallel paradise cover
Brought to you by the guy who did Elfen Lied

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