Date A Live’s Tohka Yatogami: Simply Adorkable

Now that I’ve managed to pull myself away from my Super Smash Bros coma, it’s time to jump into the well of character dives again!

I love being able, to sum up, things in a few words. For some reasons the idea of taking an anime or character and just breaking it down into a sentence and a few words that encapsulate it just works for me. We live in a time where video and written essays can go on for ages (I’m guilty of this too!) and I have always been a ‘cut to the chase’ sort of guy. Skip the bullshit, get to the point.

Which is why for our next character I love that I can sum her up in one perfect word. So after the cut let’s take a dive into Date A Live’s leading lady: Tohka Yatogami.


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Just wish there wasn’t a full body shot of her looking so neutral.

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Date A Live Season One: Ironclad Tactical Dating Action.

Well, it’s been an interesting four days so far. I got nominated for a blog award, spilled my guts out about my feelings towards Shinmai Maou no Testament (ugh), and started a conversation with some of my fellow bloggers. That’s some heavyish stuff, so let’s talk about something more light, more fun. How about an anime series where a guy has to date girls in order to protect the world?

After the cut let’s take a dive into the 2013 anime series Date A Live.

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Kiss Girls, Save the World

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