Don’t @ Me: Six of my Anime Opinions: Pulling up a Chair Edition

It’s Monday which means it is time for this! Welcome back to Don’t @ Me! The place where, like Jason Momoa and his folding chair. I whip it out and get ready for all the rage as I go over my thoughts and views on the anime industry! This week we got rumors, spoilers and other stuff. Let’s get into it after the cut!

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Jujutsu Kaisen Second Cour: Renaissance Rise

I enjoyed the first cour, but how good will the second hold up? Pretty good from what the fans and viewers have been saying. And since I want to save my introduction blurb until after the cut, let’s not waste anytime and get into the second cour of the hit new anime: Jujutsu Kaisen!

My thoughts on the first cour are right here!

Bromance forged by delusions.
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Spy x Family: License to Laugh

One of the best feelings is when you just come across a series out of the blue. Even better is when that series turns out to be a massive hit that you can’t put down. That was my experience with Parallel Paradise, as well as Hensuki. Today we another one, and it is a series that I am so glad I found. After the cut, let’s take a look, or let me just gush, at the manga series Spy x Family

Shaken and Stirred

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Fire Force Season 1: Insert Fire Pun Here

This was a show that was pretty big a few months ago, and while the second season is currently airing, I dragged my feet on watching the first. I’ve said this before, but I am pretty much a lapsed Shonen fan at this point. I had my shows, I had my ‘time’ and most of what I see these days just doesn’t interest me. I’m sure they are absolutely great shows, but it’s not my thing anymore.

However every now and then I’m put those feelings aside and watch a good ol shonen. Or a show will come along that really pulls me in (Demon Slayer). The show we are talking about today is kinda that, but not really. After the cut let’s get into the first season of the hit anime of last year: Fire Force.

Fire Force

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Shallower Dives: Ten Series in Three Sentences or Less: Shonen Edition

Don’t worry guys, I got some classic stuff coming your way. We’ll be looking at Babylon and possibly the long awaited blog post on Yosuga no Sora this week. For now though, I want to take another crack at our new subtopic.

This is Shallower Dives, were I give you a review of a series in three sentences or less. No long ass essays, no stretching ideas or ideology around a plot. Just a straight and to the point review. Today we are looking at those classic shonen series and shonen like shows. Let’s get into it after the cut.

Image result for shonen jump
Sorry, no MHA. Haven’t watched it yet.

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The Autumn of Black Cat: Volumes 11 through 14: The Tearju/Saya Arc.

The Autumn of Black Cat continues! While work has been kicking my ass lately, I made sure that this post was going to be done. We are now in the final half of the series and while I did say that this post would cover the next five volumes, I’ve reduced that to four. The reason is that the 14th volume actually ends at a perfect spot, while volume 15 is the start of the final arc of the series. It only made sense, but there is still plenty to talk about. Join me after the cut as I dive into the next set of volumes of Black Cat!

Image result for Black Cat volume 13
Tragic and To the Point

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The Autumn of Black Cat: Black Cat’s Eve: The Pot of Gold

The Autumn of Black Cat continues! We’ve already looked at the first five volumes of the series, but now it is time to take a look at one of the central characters. I’ve spoken a lot on this blog on how some series hit the absolute jackpot when it comes to character design. ReZero’s Rem is one such example, a character that even people who don’ know the series are aware of. Evangelion’s Rei is another example, pretty much kick-starting an entire wave of clones that would dominate the landscape. Yet we’ve never really talked about a character whose design was so good, i was used twice, and a character who is the very rare benefactor of having an ecchi version and a non-ecchi version. So after the cut let’s take a dive into the main secondary lead of Black Cat: Eve.

Image result for black cat eve
The character that never has to rule 34 herself

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The Autumn of Black Cat: Volumes 1 through 5: The Introduction Arcs

The Autumn of Black Cat begins! Today we will be talking about the first five volumes of the series, which encompass what I am calling the “Introduction Arcs.” As is common with most shonen series, the start often has several small mini story arcs to help establish the characters, the relationships and powers, as well as just prototype some story ideas or plots. Often as is the case with the start of a shonen, the art style looks very different than it does by the end or middle of a series. Either way, this is usually were fans will know if a series is worth sticking around. After the cut let’s get into the very first five volumes of Black Cat!

Image result for black cat volumes 1
Run and Gun

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