Steins;Gate 0: The Despair Horizon

The question that every sequel to a popular series, both anime and not, is simply “did we need this?” Does the story they are telling in the follow up deserve to be told? Are the characters being put in proper directions? Or does it just feel like this is a cheap cash-in to service fans? Few sequels are able to properly answer those questions properly and sadly, the show we are talking about today doesn’t change that. After the cut let’s take a dive into the sequel series Steins;Gate 0.

Do you like sadness? Well do I got an anime for you.
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Tune of the Week(ish): Steins;Gate 0’s Fatima

I have mixed thoughts on Steins;Gate 0. I’m not finished it yet, but I am really trying to see what the entire point was, and it has really, REALLY shown me how fucking fantastic the first series was. Either way the music isn’t half bad. The tune of the week is the opening for the series: Fatima by Kanako Ito

Re-Dive, Quick Thoughts Edition on Steins;Gate: Back to the Future, and then back again

I was recently able to sit down with a few friends and watch Steins;Gate again with them. It was an enjoyable experience, and I thought it would be a perfect time to revisit my thoughts on the series. The only problem was that my previous reviews haven’t really changed. I still love the series and what I have noticed and felt on this second run through doesn’t warrant a full post. So after the cut here are some bullet point thoughts as I re-dive into Steins;Gate

Hacking to the Gate!
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Don’t @ Me: Eight of my Anime Opinions: Big Bucket of Chicken Edition: The Aftermath.

It’s Monday, there’s a water leak at my work, and it’s time for another round of this! Welcome to Don’t @ Me, where unlike my work schedule, I actually am able to consistently show up and give you eight to ten of my opinions on anime, manga and everything else. Now for the record, I did eat a bucket of chicken last week, and it was good, though I’m not rushing out to get another one. Makes me miss my time in Korea. Anyway, here’s some more anime opinions after the cut.

ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Episode 5: Drive Tori | Rory Muses
I’d take a leg off of that.

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Don’t @ Me: Nine of my Anime Opinions: Inuyasha News (and other stuff) Edition

It’s Monday, and which means it’s time for me to talk about stuff. Welcome to Don’t @ Me, the time where, like Inuyasha and Kagome yelling each other’s names over and over (and over, and over, and over, AND OVER) again. I’m here to shout out my thoughts and views on anything related to anime and the like. This week we’re talking about that Inuyasha news and some other shit. Let’s get into it after the cut.

Inuyasha Meme
Oh my god, it’s going to happen again…

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Steins;Gate’s Rintaro Okabe and Makise Kurisu: Filling in the Gaps

February is the month of love, yet while Shallow Dives always likes to have our time of love in the summer, I won’t turn away a chance to do something for Valentine’s Day. Aside from our month long look at the infamous Yosuga no Sora, I am also going to spend some time talking about two of my favorite anime relationships. Let’s not waste anytime and after the cut, take a character dive into Steins;Gate‘s Rintaro Okabe and Makise Kurisu.

Image result for rintaro and kurisu
Lab coats sold separately

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Don’t @ Me: Eight of My Anime Opinions: That Steins;Gate News Edition

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for Don’t @ Me where, like the sinking realization that I’m going to have to watch Chivalry of a Failed Knight this year, I am here to give you my opinions on everything about anime, manga and everything this else. This week we are talking about that Steins;Gate news, and stuff related to it. Let’s get into it after the cut.

Related image
Let’s get this over with.

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Steins;Gate The Movie: Load Region of Deja Vu: Tag-In Conclusion

Something we haven’t talked about on this blog is the anime’s tendency to have ‘epilogue movies” for series. While it’s something more rare these days, there have been series that have taken the route of having a feature length film to wrap up their respective series. Both Gundam Wing and Gundam 00 had movies for that purpose. Naruto famously had the movie The Last to address the lingering plot point of the Naruto/Hinata romance.

Today we are looking at the epilogue movie to Steins;Gate, a series that I have lauded multiple times on this blog. Does the film hold up and provide a satisfying conclusion to the series? Join me after the cut as I dive into the feature film of the franchise: Steins;Gate: The Movie − Load Region of Déjà Vu

Image result for steins gate movie poster

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Steins;Gate Episodes 14-25: Temporal Do-Over

Some people have criticized the first half of Steins;Gate because much of what happens is set up. However I would argue that such things in series like these are important, vitally so. This time allowed with the characters gives viewers a reason to be attached to them so that, when the plot comes knocking, they are invested in what is happening. That is the case with Steins;Gate as the second half suddenly becomes all about the central plot of the story. Let’s not waste anytime and get into my thoughts on the second half of the series after the cut.

Try again, and then again.

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