Don’t @ Me: Ten of My Anime Opinions: Whatever is on my Mind/Quintuplet Spoiler Edition

Welcome to Don’t @ Me where, like the creeping realization that anime is becoming mainstream, I am here to drop down my thoughts, opinions and views on everything related to anime, manga, light novels and more. Today I’m just shooting the shit and talking about what comes to me mind. Join me after the cut as I dish out ten more opinions.

((I’m serious about that Quintuplet Spoiler btw, non-manga readers be warned))

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The True OTP

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Steins;Gate Episodes 1-13: Waiting for the Feds

As my journey into everything related to YU-NO came to a close, I knew that my world had been opened to the Visual Novel format. While I had only take a tiptoe into the genre before, having experienced Doki Doki Literature Club, Love3 Loved Cubed. and read the Fate route of Fate/Stay Night, I was absolutely blown away by just how good YU-NO was, and I wanted to keep that going. Having heard that Steins;Gate, a series that was directly influenced by YU-NO was quite a popular show, I promptly cranked out the wallet and threw money at my Nintendo Switch.

The problem was that, I couldn’t get into it.

I realized about two hours in, that the reason I dug the YU-NO visual novel so much, was that I had previously watched the anime and had a general idea of what happened, who people were, and could reference that against the much slower, simpler style of a visual novel, along with seeing the differences and cuts the anime made. Diving right into the visual novel of Steins;Gate robbed me off that, and I just couldn’t get as invested as I thought I would. So I decided that I would temporary shelve the visual novel and dive into the anime first. I’ve now done that, so join me after the cut as I dive into the first half of the anime adaptation of Steins;Gate.

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Seriously, the whole first half I was sitting there thinking: “Wonder when the Feds are gonna show up.”

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