Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel III. spring song: Return of the Senpai

I’ve been sitting on this for a while now. Aside from hunting down a copy to watch, and deal with a bunch of other shows, this has fallen by the wayside. But now I finally have the time, and frankly I’ve been itching to get my thoughts out about it. So after the cut let’s talk about the final installment and last chapter of the Fate/Stay Night movie trilogy: Heaven’s Feel III. spring song.

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Re-Dive: Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel – I. Presage Flower: Do your Homework

Being home for the Christmas Holidays means I can spend some time with some old films or anime. I’ve already given you my renewed thoughts on the second Heaven’s Feel movie: Lost Butterfly, but last night as I went back to the first film I thought it was high time I give it a proper Re-Dive as well. Join me after the cut as I take another look at the first film in the Heaven’s Feel Trilogy: Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel – I. Presage Flower

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Something isn’t right.

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The Garden of Sinners: Films 6-7: Done with Jontron Video Clips and Friends!

Alright, you know how this goes by now. I’ve watched the last two main films in the Garden of Sinners series, and I can only really sum up the story-lines using a collection of video clips. This time however, Jontron is going to need some help from a few friends! Join me after the cut and enjoy my thoughts on the last two films of The Garden of Sinners!

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7 fucking movies and not even a kiss.

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The Garden of Sinners: Movies 1-3: Done only with Jontron Video Clips

The Garden of Sinners is a visual novel that was the first work done by the creator of Fate Stay Night, and can be seen as a prototype not only for that story, but for the other works he has created. Like with Fate, the entire visual novel was adapted into a series of 8 films by studio Ufotable. Being a massive fan of Fate Stay Night and of the company itself, I’ve been meaning to check this out. I now give you my thoughts on the first three films of The Garden of Sinners, using only video clips from Jontron, which I believe best way to sum up these movies, the characters and plot. My additional thoughts will be at the end this post.

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Whose ready for some nonsensical nonsense?

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba First Cour: Making it Rain with Fate Money

I am becoming more and more convinced that the 3-episode rule is both a flawed concept of watching anime, and also a pretty great way to a sense of a series. If that sounds weird, then it really is, but as I keep watching anime seasons I am finding that there is no real bulletproof way to look at a series.

Case in point, the anime that we are discussing today is that kind of show that can’t really fit nicely into the 3 episode rule. After the cut let’s take a look at Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Kimetsu no Yaiba

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Fate Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel II. Lost Butterfly: Escalation into Madness

This shallow dive is going to be a bit different because to discuss this movie the way I want to, I have to get into major spoilers of the film itself and overall plot points of the main Fate timeline. So before the cut, I’m going to list off the main points that people will probably want to know about the flick, then get into more spoiler stuff afterward.

  • This movie is absolutely amazing and Ufotable has done it again. Well worth the wait and is the payoff we needed.
  • Yes, this movie has a “sex scene” in it and it is done in a tasteful way that strikes a perfect compromise between adaptation and tribute to the original visual novel. I expect a bit more skin in the blue-ray release. I applaud the director for having the courage to acknowledge the O.G Fate visual novel.
  • Illya’s role in the route has been scaled back significantly so far. Obviously, the director wanted to have the entire focus be on Sakura and Shirou. I (and I’m a huge Illya fan) agree that this was probably the best way to go. I’ll have more to say on this once I’ve read the Heaven’s Feel route.
  • There is only one real action scene and while it is animated BEAUTIFULLY, it is a bit hard to follow sometimes.
  • This movie, along with Presage Flower is absolutely not for first time Fate Fans. I said that in the last review, but it goes double here. You need to have at least watched Fate/Zero and Unlimited Blade Works to fully enjoy this film

Alright, after the cut let’s take a dive into the second movie of the Heaven’s Feel trilogy: Fate Stay Night Heaven’s Feel II. Lost Butterfly.

Image result for heaven's feel lost butterfly
The only time we may ever hear Sasuke say he loves Sakura

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Quick Thoughts on: Fate Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel II. Lost Butterfly: Sakura on the Edge

I must stress that this is not my review or shallow dive into this movie. While I have seen a version of this film, I have not seen it in the way that I feel I need to do give it a full and fair look. However as I am a die-hard Fate Fan and the internet so warmly provided me a chance to see this movie, I feel I want to get my thoughts out now while the iron is still hot.

I look forward to watching this movie again two more times (one for sub, one for dub) and you can’t expect my fuller more complete thoughts later this year. For now though, my quick thoughts on the Fate Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel II. Lost Butterfly are after the poster.

Image result for heaven's feel lost butterfly
If this doesn’t come to Canada, I’m going to lose my shit more than Sakura does.

As I stated in my review of the first installment: Presage Flower, I felt that the film was 90% set up for what was going to come next and that I hoped part two would get the ball rolling. I can happily say that Lost Butterfly does not only get the ball rolling, but it also attaches a rocket to it and doesn’t let go.

Lost Butterfly and all of Heaven’s Feel are movies for Fate fans who are one or two series deep into the franchise and therefore doesn’t waste any time explaining anything about the world. Since this is part two of the story, we jump right back into the story keep things at a brisk, but well-paced speed. Again, that can be difficult for new fans, but it is clear this movie is made for the people who have at least seen Blade Works or Fate/Zero.

In terms of the plot, Sakura’s route is just as dark and foreboding as I hoped it would be, with more than enough differences to separate it from both Fate and Blade Works, which often felt like they were chasing similar overall story beats. Heaven’s Feel, however, is wholly its own story that takes the Fate world and turns it on its head. While all the characters are present, we get to see the magic of the three route structure on full display as different cast members weave in and out of importance as the story unfolds. This is especially true for Gilgamesh and Archer who are so central to the last two routes but play much smaller roles here. The only real constant is Rin Tohsaka who, while very much a supporting character this time, is still tied up greatly with the events of the plot.

Finally, Lost Butterfly is, at last, the Fate route that managed to find the perfect compromise between the original visual novel, and the Realta Nua re-rerelease. I’ll just go ahead and spoil this, but this is the first Fate adaptation that actually kept in a sex scene, but re-tools it to make it fit more into the story and not feel like it’s completely superfluous to it. It’s there, it works extremely well, and it’s done tastefully and respectfully.

I’ll have a lot more to say about this movie when I get a few more views in later in the year. All I can say now is that Ufotable has done it again. They’ve created another beautifully animated, well acted and excellent adaptation of Fate Stay Night. While Lost Butterfly is lighter on the action, the action that is present might even give Dragon Ball Super Broly a run for its money. The characters are excellent, and Shirou and Sakura’s relationship was way more endearing than I hoped, with a cliffhanger ending that just gets you pumped for the final installment.