Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night: I got 99 floors, but Mito’s only on one.

Sword Art Online is a show I’ve talked about in depth. I’ve discussed some of the light novels and every anime season. I’ve been a casual fan, but one who has defended the series from the people who seem to have an unreasonable hatred of the series. It’s not perfect, but far from the abomination that some people had made it out to be. So what happens when there is more story to tell? When the first arc is revisited and given new content? Can it win over some of those fans? After the cut let’s take a dive into the anime film: Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night and find out!

My thoughts on the Aincrad Arc in the anime are right here!

My thoughts on the light novel version of Aincrad are here and here!

With a complimentary bath!
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Don’t @ Me: Six of my Anime Opinions: Going to see Sword Art Online Progressive Edition

It’s Monday, which means it is time for this! Welcome to Don’t @ Me. The place where, like the demon slayer corps, I cry uncontrollably over a dead senpai as I give you my thoughts views and ideas on everything in the anime and manga world. This week I’m seeing an anime film in theatres, and some other stuff. Let’s get into it after the cut.

Sword Art Online Progressive Film Reveals October 30 Debut, New Visual
I hope there is Asuna butt!
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Sword Art Online Volume 4: Basics are Sometimes Best

Our look at the light novels of Sword Art Online continues! Apologies for the delay on this one, but a busy anime season plus my work life kept me from coming back to this for awhile. Nevertheless this was on my list of things to do this summer, and I try to be a man of my word. So after the cut let’s take dive into the fourth volume of the series and the final one of the Fairy Dance Arc!

My thoughts on volume 3 are right here!

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Sword Art Online Volume 3: Save your Girl, Delude your Sister/Cousin

Our look at the light novels of Sword Art Online continue! With Aincrad in the rear view mirror, it is now time to talk about the next arc in the series. It is one of the most controversial and debated arcs, one that I’ve said in the past I’ve quite enjoyed. But what about it in light novel form? Does it hold up? Or like Aincrad does it feel like a rough draft of a better story? After the cut let’s take a dive into volume 3 of Sword Art Online and the first half of the Fairy Dance arc!

My thoughts on the Fairy Dance arc from the anime are right here!

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Sword Art Online’s Asuna Yuuki: The Choice of a Woman

This is a topic that I’ve dabbled in a few times throughout my look at Sword Art Online. It’s also something that is near and dear to my heart. One of the things I love most about anime is that amount freedom it tends to offer their female characters. There are archetypes sure, there are overdone tropes and clich├ęs yes, but most of the time female characters in anime have a pretty good deal. They can be bossy, slutty, powerful, weak, warriors, healers, leaders, followers, sluts, pure. You name it, anime has pretty much got it. As always, such things are never perfect, but I’ve always felt that anime gives a far, far better range of choice than anything the west does.

One such character however has really pulled my interest over the last year, and today I want to talk about her a bit more. After the cut let’s take a character dive into the female lead of Sword Art Online: Asuna Yuuki.

Asuna Yuuki : swordartonline
Thighs for days too.
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Sword Art Online Volume 2: The Rough Draft’s other half

Our look at the light novel version of Sword Art Online continues! I dragged my feet on finishing this light novel because there was so many other things going on, but I did manage to get it done! With that said, how does the second part of the Aincrad arc hold up against its anime adaptation? Let’s find out after the cut, we dive into Sword Art Online Volume 2: Aincrad

And those other stories.
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Sword Art Online Volume 1: The Rough Draft

Over the last few months, I’ve examined the long running and popular series Sword Art Online. I approached the series as someone who wasn’t a fan, who looked at the story, characters, and ideas not as a fan, but as someone who wanted to see it for what it was, not what fans, and haters, have made it out to be. This fan-boy free breakdown was a great success, both as a writing example, and for the blog in general. I ended up enjoying the series so much, that I decided I should look at the light novels, so I picked up a few volumes. And by a few volumes, I mean all 26 that are currently out, including Progressive. Would the light novel end up giving me more information about the series? Or would it be a relic of the past, something the franchise has grown out of? After the cut let’s take a dive into the first volume of Sword Art Online: Aincrad.

How it all begins.

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Sword Art Online’s Kirito: The Scribing of the Blank Slate

He is the hero of Sword Art Online. A blueprint for so many Isekai heroes to come. But he is also a scapegoat for everything people find wrong with the series, a character criticized for being nothing more than a generic harem lead. A gary-stu who never really suffers any setback. Much has been said about the lead of Sword Art Online, but throughout my journey with the anime series, I have seen something else: a story about a young boy stepping out of his self imposed shell and becoming a well adjusted and brave young man. A blank slate that is forged into a solid story of wins and losses. After the cut, let’s take a character dive into Sword Art Online’s main character: Kirito.

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Final Thoughts on Sword Art Online

It was a scapegoat for an entire anime generation, the punching bag for so many hang ups for the industry. A lightning in a bottle series that struck it rich in a way that happens only once a decade. So much so that some say it got too popular too fast. A series loved my millions and loathed by just as many. Either the underappreciated gem, or the overrated mess. But, how does the series really hold up? What does someone, so removed from the fanboys, the haters, think of the series? What happens when that person just lets the series exist?

Join me after the cut as I give you my final thoughts on the Sword Art Online.

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