The Autumn of Black Cat: Volumes 1 through 5: The Introduction Arcs

The Autumn of Black Cat begins! Today we will be talking about the first five volumes of the series, which encompass what I am calling the “Introduction Arcs.” As is common with most shonen series, the start often has several small mini story arcs to help establish the characters, the relationships and powers, as well as just prototype some story ideas or plots. Often as is the case with the start of a shonen, the art style looks very different than it does by the end or middle of a series. Either way, this is usually were fans will know if a series is worth sticking around. After the cut let’s get into the very first five volumes of Black Cat!

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Run and Gun

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The Autumn of Black Cat

Hey guys.

This summer I undertook a season long project, spread out over three months about a single anime. That was High School DxD, and i spent June, July and August going over every single thing I could about the series. I discussed each of the seasons, the two main leads, the good, the bad, and everything in between. I had an absolute blast doing this, and while I have decided that next year will be The Summer of Love II (with a completely new series, I’ll let you guess what it is), I’ve decided that I’ll be spending this Autumn doing something similar.

I’m calling it The Autumn of Black Cat

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I’ve gushed about this series before. I think Black Cat is one of the best shonen stories out there, a series that tells the exact story it wants to tell, and then promptly ends. In a genre that is notorious for dragging out series for longer than they should, I’ve always respected how well Black Cat is able to start, remain and finish strong. But I also think it has also been almost a DECADE since I’ve read it, and I’ve been dying to come back to it. Does it still hold up? Is Black Cat still as a good a series as I believe it to be?

So for the months of October and November, I am going to revisit the series, all twenty manga volumes, and give you my thoughts as I go through them. I’ll talk about what works, what doesn’t, the characters, the powers, the anime and the music. Once all is said and done I hope to answer the simple question:

Does Black Cat still hold up?

I’ve been looking forward to this for sometime now, and you can expect it to follow a similar layout to The Summer of Love, so expect a FAQ post coming up in a few days! I really hope you’ll join me on this journey!