Steins;Gate 0: The Despair Horizon

The question that every sequel to a popular series, both anime and not, is simply “did we need this?” Does the story they are telling in the follow up deserve to be told? Are the characters being put in proper directions? Or does it just feel like this is a cheap cash-in to service fans? Few sequels are able to properly answer those questions properly and sadly, the show we are talking about today doesn’t change that. After the cut let’s take a dive into the sequel series Steins;Gate 0.

Do you like sadness? Well do I got an anime for you.
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YU-NO: A Girl who Chants Love at the Bound of this World: A Piece of History.

Look, I’ve pretty much said everything I can about this series, so I’m just gonna copy/paste my thoughts from a previous post.

There have been few series that have gripped me, that have pulled me so completely into their world, their characters. Stories that have kept me at the edge of my seat, that have had me thinking about them even months afterwards. YU-NO: A Girl who Chants Love at the Bound of this World is one of only THREE series that I give that honor to. Every-time I hear the soundtrack, or think about the characters arcs, I just want to load this visual novel up and start playing it again. To surrender myself to the story of Takuya, Ayumi, Kanna, Yu-No and the rest.

YU-NO is a masterpiece, a piece of history that has shaped so much of what visual novels have become, and it earns every single iota of that praise. I cannot understate how much I loved this work, from the solid anime adaptation to this wonder of a visual novel. I could go on, and on, and on, but I won’t. This is the best piece of anime material I have watched since I started this blog in 2018, and I don’t think it will ever leave that spot. Check out links to all my posts on the series after the cut.

YU-NO poster

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Steins;Gate Episodes 14-25: Temporal Do-Over

Some people have criticized the first half of Steins;Gate because much of what happens is set up. However I would argue that such things in series like these are important, vitally so. This time allowed with the characters gives viewers a reason to be attached to them so that, when the plot comes knocking, they are invested in what is happening. That is the case with Steins;Gate as the second half suddenly becomes all about the central plot of the story. Let’s not waste anytime and get into my thoughts on the second half of the series after the cut.

Try again, and then again.

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Steins;Gate Episodes 1-13: Waiting for the Feds

As my journey into everything related to YU-NO came to a close, I knew that my world had been opened to the Visual Novel format. While I had only take a tiptoe into the genre before, having experienced Doki Doki Literature Club, Love3 Loved Cubed. and read the Fate route of Fate/Stay Night, I was absolutely blown away by just how good YU-NO was, and I wanted to keep that going. Having heard that Steins;Gate, a series that was directly influenced by YU-NO was quite a popular show, I promptly cranked out the wallet and threw money at my Nintendo Switch.

The problem was that, I couldn’t get into it.

I realized about two hours in, that the reason I dug the YU-NO visual novel so much, was that I had previously watched the anime and had a general idea of what happened, who people were, and could reference that against the much slower, simpler style of a visual novel, along with seeing the differences and cuts the anime made. Diving right into the visual novel of Steins;Gate robbed me off that, and I just couldn’t get as invested as I thought I would. So I decided that I would temporary shelve the visual novel and dive into the anime first. I’ve now done that, so join me after the cut as I dive into the first half of the anime adaptation of Steins;Gate.

Image result for steins;gate anime poster
Seriously, the whole first half I was sitting there thinking: “Wonder when the Feds are gonna show up.”

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YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World First Cour: The Original Gangsta

Now this is a show that I am surprised hasn’t got more traction. After all the shit that was stirred over the opening episodes of both Goblin Slayer and Shield Hero, the fact that this show has gotten halfway through it’s run time and there hasn’t been a PEEP from the usual players is something else. I mean some of the shit that happens in these first thirteen episodes is quite shocking.

Anyway, let’s talk about the second best anime of the season: YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of the World.

Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO
Rinse and Repeat

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