Quick Thoughts on: Fruits Basket 2019 First Cour, Cliffnotes Version: Setting up the Sadness Table

I had a whole fucking FULL post ready to be published, then it randomly got deleted. I fucking HATE it when this happens. But I can’t be bothered to re-write the whole damn thing again, so you’re getting the cliff-notes version. Gah that pisses me off, anyway here are my thoughts on the first cour of Fruits Basket 2019.

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Fruits Basket: Sisterhood
  • I can see why people love this show. Twelve episodes in, and I am already fully committed to watching this until the end. It’s an exceptionally well done piece of anime so far.
  • Tohru is a good character, but feels a little basic and hollow right now. Is that the point? I know the broad strokes of the plot, but I am hoping we get a bit more meat to her character in the next cour.
  • Kyo and Yuki feel like almost stereotypical shoujo character, but since this is considered a landmark title, I suppose that’s the point?
  • The first cour feels very much like set up, establishing the core characters, their personality traits and place in the Zodiac chain/Soma hierarchy.  Again this is going to be a 60+ episode series, so we can forgive that for now.
  • Tohru’s friends are the best, with Hana walking away with series MVP so far.
  • Hatori is my favorite Soma, giving us a great little peak into that Fruits Basket angst the series is known for.
  • Akito, the series villain show up in the twelfth episode and does a remarkable job showing us the danger and fear that the other Soma’s have towards the family head. I had chills just watching it.
  • Shigure’s hinting at darker motives for having Tohru stick around the household is also a great sense of foreshadowing.
  • The comedy so far has been really well done, Hana again is a great fucking character. I’ll buy any statue that make of her in that cute black dress and hat, just GIVE IT TO ME.
  • So far, the series has not gone full “Sadness: The Anime,” yet, but I know it’s coming and I am READY for it. Bring it on.



Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: A Nuclear Family so cute, it should be a War Crime

(The original Tumblr post with video clips can be found here)

How do we start with this one?

The Slice of Life genre is one of the stranger ones in the Anime and Manga world because it is either played completely straight or often mixed up with other genres to varying degrees of success. Sometimes you have fantasy slice of life, or ecchi slice of life, or even something like a Shonen slice of life. Taking just one part of someone’s world, be it there time growing up as a teenager, working a dead end job and combining it with something else has worked wonders for the industry.

The Devil Works Part-Time, another show we will be talking about soon, uses this to great effect. By combining the Isekai (the reverse in this case) with the mundane reality of working a job lead to one of the best shows in the last few years. Period. The show we will be talking about today also follows this strategy and became in mind, an absolute sleeper hit that I never saw coming. After the cut let’s talk about Coolkyoushinja’s Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

Miss Kobyashi Dragon Maid
If you don’t like this shit, you just might not have a soul.

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