Tune of the Week(ish) Azur Lane’s graphie/diamond

Waifus, waifus, lovely lovely waifus. 

Ship girls, ship girls, big busty ship girls.

And, surprising pretty much everyone, the first two episodes of Azur Lane have been actually pretty decent! The tune of the week is the opening theme to the series: graphite/diamond by May’n

ReZero’s Rem: Crystallized Waifu

This will be a smaller character dive than the last two. Natuski Subaru was a character who deserved two parts because his character journey and development was heavy enough that it needed to be. For our character today however I want to focus the dive on the effects that this character has in relation to Natsuki Suburu and his character journey. So after the cut let’s take a character dive into ReZero’s Rem

Image result for Rem Re Zero
“Jackpot” is what the figure making companies thought probably.

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