Some Housekeeping and Introducing a New Subtopic

Hey guys.

I’ve done some tinkering around with the menu, and as you can see I’ve added links to all of my different blog posts I have been making here. Clicking on any of those will send you to where you want to go if you are looking for my Shallow Dives, Lists, or Seasonal Discussion.

I recently did a 3-episode check-in on the anime of the fall 2018 season, so in case it was missed in the shuffle, you can find the link here!

Additionally, I’ve added a new subtopic that I want to discuss: Character Dives.

These will be a new type of blog post where I take my shallow dive format and apply it to a character of a certain show. I’ll talk about a certain aspect of that character and how I think it makes them a better character, or helps relate to a theme, idea or something related to the anime. I did something earlier with my look into two of the characters in Shimoneta, (which you can read here.) and I’m moving that post over to Character Dives. I’m looking forward to expanding my thoughts into some of my favorite characters and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

As always, thank you for reading the blog.

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