Don’t @ Me: Ten of my Anime Opinions: Fanservice Edition

Don’t @ Me returns! Once again I have risen from the depths of whatever anime induced coma I have found myself in to drop down some hard facts, opinions and thoughts on the anime scene. This week, well everyone else is talking about it, so I’m gonna do it as well. Let’s pull up a chair and discuss fanservice. Leave your hate in the comments below.

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Rock that plot

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Don’t @ Me: Ten of My Opinions: One Year of Shallow Dives Edition

We aren’t done with the One Year Anniversary just yet. I pushed this back one day, but Don’t @ Me, like the sex drive of Takuya from YU-NO, simply can’t be stopped. Join me after the cut as I smack down ten of my opinions on…since it’s the anniversary post, pretty much anything I want! Enjoy!

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There has been a serious lack of Miyako on this blog.

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Don’t @ Me: Ten of Anime Opinions: Anime Year 2019 Edition Part 2: Requiem

I got off a cross Atlantic flight this morning but even that won’t stop these posts! Don’t @ Me returns once again to pave the fields of battle with ten of my opinions on anime and manga. This week we take turn our eyes to the 2019 Anime year. Have I already said these things in tweets and other posts? Probably, but shut up, you’re getting a post today. Let’s get into it after the cut!

Or when I’m watching Shinmai

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Don’t @ Me: Again, Ten more of my Anime Opinions

I’ve been back home for a week and the relaxation won’t stop me from doing these posts! Welcome back to Don’t @ Me, where, like the inevitable truth that one day I’ll finally start watching Chivalry of a Failed Knight, I rise from the earth to dish out several of my anime opinions. This week is yet again another ten of my general views. Buckle up, make peace with your maker, and join me after the cut!

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Someone give Yunyun a hug for the love of god.

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