Quick Thoughts on: All Dem Anime Announcements!

Hey guys

Anime news has been coming fast and fierce the last few days with new series, seasons and trailers being thrown at us again and again. It’s so much that I don’t want to overload the blog multiple posts, so here are my quick thoughts on a bunch of them at once. Check them out after the cut

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Tune of the Week(ish): Gundam AGE’s “White Justice” by Faylan

Hey guys.

Gundam is a long-running series, which means it is a bag of hits and misses. Gundam AGE was a miss in all regards, and in my mind is constantly jockeying with Gundam Seed Destiny for the title of “Worst Series” in the entire franchise. However it did have some excellent opening and ending themes, and one of my all-time favorites is this week’s Tune of the Week!

Enjoy “White Justice” by Faylan!

Quick Thoughts on: That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime 2nd Cour: Peak Slime

I think it is massively important to realize when your mind changes on something and don’t hold to pride and believe you are still right. I have always maintained that both on this blog and in real life. Admitting you are wrong is not a weakness, it is a strength.

That being said, I need a knife and fork, cause I’m gonna eat some crow on the second half That Time I got Reincarnated as Slime.

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This hurts me.

Slime’s 2nd cour is not “bad” in the same realm as other bad animes. In fact, all of Slime is never falls below average at best. It’s frankly too well made and has enough effort put into it that it can’t ever become truly bad. However, I have to admit that this show clearly peaked with the ending of the Shizu arc in the first half, and is never able to get back on solid footing again.

That is a shame because those first twelve or so episodes of Slime are actually some of the best Isekai I have seen. Its slow pace allows the viewers to get accustomed to the world and seeing Rimuru adjust to his new life and ability over the course of several episodes and not just one makes for good storytelling. The Shizu arc, in general, is some of the best Isekai stories I’ve seen since ReZero and the conclusion quite frankly should have been in the running for the award of “most touching moment” last year. All of that is great, and my thoughts I made back when I gave my thoughts on the 1st cour still remain true.

It’s just after that, the show is never able to get back on that footing, and Slime falls into the trap that several other Isekais face: watching as our main lead “mary sues” his way to victory each week. Quite frankly everything falls into place too easily for Rimiru and never once does it feel he has to suffer or face any challenge. Now that is alright if the show is upfront and admit it (the one reason that Isekai Smartphone is becoming more and more respected by me), but Slime never does that, and we are just left to accept that Rimiru is just this good. Is it a deal breaker? No, but once that initial shine of Slime runs out, the goodwill it earned in the first half falls always quite fast.

I doubt this will be the end of Slime and I know that things are going to get better in the future if a second season comes (this story is actually completely finished, so that’s a bonus in its favor). Yet I have to call a spade and spade here; That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime just couldn’t keep the good times going and it suffers for it. I still enjoyed the series, but it became harder to get invested as the weeks dragged on.

Great fucking music though.

ReZero’s Rem: Crystallized Waifu

This will be a smaller character dive than the last two. Natuski Subaru was a character who deserved two parts because his character journey and development was heavy enough that it needed to be. For our character today however I want to focus the dive on the effects that this character has in relation to Natsuki Suburu and his character journey. So after the cut let’s take a character dive into ReZero’s Rem

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“Jackpot” is what the figure making companies thought probably.

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