Tune of the Week(ish) So I am a Spider’s Bursty Greedy Spider

So I am a Spider, So What? Has been a series I’ve been watching, but haven’t really talked about. It’s been a great show and honestly the show that I think Isekai Slime, has wanted to be. The music is also quite catchy too. The tune of the week is the second opening to the series. Bursty Greedy Spider by Konomi Suzuki!

The Summer of Love III: The Music of Fate/Illya

The Summer of Love III continues! This week we are discussing the music of the series! Fate/Illya has always had good tunes, and while nothing compared to the mega-hits of the Ufotable works, it has always gotten the job done. There are some catch songs here and great visuals to boot. Let’s get into it after the cut!

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