Don’t @ Me: Six of my Anime Opinions: At Home Sick Edition

It’s Monday, which means it is time for this! Welcome back to Don’t @ Me! The place where, like my body. I pull myself out of bed and a coughing fit to give you my thoughts, views and opinions on everything in the anime and manga world. This week I’m sick in bed, but the show must go on! Let’s get to it after the cut!

  1. Is it alright to say that Chainsaw Man is just okay? At least right now? I know everyone was ready to crown the series the next ‘big thing’ and the best of all ‘things’. But honestly? It’s fine, just fine. Good art, but just…fine. I’m sure that will change though, I heard it gets nuts.

2. And on the top if that. I am glad I have ‘aged out’ of that phase as an anime fan of “this show I like is the second coming of Christ and nothing is better.” Everyone goes through it, I know I did, so looking back on it, but I do get it. But man, Twitter hasn’t made it any better. Like again, I get it, I was thirteen and thought Dragon Ball was the greatest thing ever. It’ll pass, as all things do.

3. Started playing this NIKKE: Goddess of Victory game on my phone and man…they know that people fucking love anime ass. This is my kinda game.

4. I need to watch it again, but I am always surprised how Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood has remained at the top of the My Anime List. Even if it gets knocked down briefly, the fans will make sure it stays at the top. I mean, I watched it, loved it, I know its legacy to fan-sub generation is important, but man that devotion is something else.

5. If you care about Type-Moon. Considering preordering Witch on the Holy Night. It’s the first Type-Moon visual novel to come to the West in over a decade and it’d be great to see it make good sales so we could get more. Spend your money how you wish, but if you are a fan, think about supporting them. I promise that the Shiki’s are minimal.

6. And in non anime news. Evokers come to World of Warcraft this week! We get to be dragons! That should be fun, hopefully the class is decent.

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