Quick Thoughts on: Code Geass Lelouch of the Re;ssurection Trailer 2: Spinzaku returns!

The 2000s had many extremely good anime series and will remain a pivotal moment in the history of the Anime fandom. There are many reasons for this, most notable being the beginning and end of the ‘fansub’ era that is pretty much responsible for keeping anime interest alive in the West.

One such show was Code Geass Lelouch of the Revolution, which to many was a keystone part of anime during this decade. With designs by the legendary CLAMP and a story of betrayal, politics, pizza, and giant robots. Code Geass was very well received by fans and remains a cornerstone of the genre. Even if it was pretty much Death Note with robots.

And now we are getting a new entry, with a movie sequel to the movie re-tellings of the original series, titled simple Lelouch of the Re;ssurection. My thoughts are after the cut.

Now many believe that Code Geass the anime series ended almost perfectly, and apparently so do the writers, as this movie is a sequel not to the series, but to the three-part complication movie of that series which had some major changes to create that sequel (most notably the survival of the character of Shirley)

Overall? I think the movie looks good and very much in the vein of Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, in which it serves as an epilogue  (this was rumored to be a full on new series before it became a movie). It looks good, and it’ll be great to see Kallen, Suzaku and everyone else back.

My concern is though, that this movie will end up doing what the recent Yu-Gi-Oh! movie did: hyped up the return of Yami Yugi for months and end up only showing him for about a minute. I have a sad feeling that Lelouch is barely going to be in this movie, and probably only saved for some sort of climax, and that we are being hyped up for something that isn’t really going to happen.

Who knows though? It’ll be great to see this when it comes out and I’ll reserve judgment then. Like I said before Code Geass is a significant anime for many of the fan-sub generation and I know this will be important to many. Let’s hope it can deliver the goods.

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