New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Endless Waltz: Christmas Caper

It’s almost Christmas, and what better way to celebrate the holidays than with an anime movie about girlish looking boys piloting giant mecha! What? You don’t do that?

Well anyway. This is one of my favorite movies of all time and it takes place during Christmas, so fuck it, it works. After the cut let’s take a dive into the anime film: New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz.

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The Best Gundam Suit that did pretty much nothing.


Endless Waltz does double duty by serving as both an epilogue to the 49 episode Gundam Wing Series, and a prologue for the main cast of characters. While not as in-depth in explaining the backstories as I would have liked (read the Glory of Losers manga for that), it does enough to help fill in some of the cracks that the main story left behind.

However being an epilogue to Wing, your enjoyment of this movie will wholly depend on how much you liked the Gundam Wing series. As I’ve already made my thoughts on the anime series in a previous post, I won’t get much into the story here. If you didn’t care for the plot, the characters, or the action than Endless Waltz, despite looking better in terms of animation, then this movie isn’t going to do much for you. Though I will say that things like Wufei being unable to stop fighting even though the war is over, and the overall idea that peace isn’t something that is just given to you are still powerful themes.

Image result for endless waltz gundams
All five of the main Gundams were completely redesigned for this movie. Fans almost universally agree these are the best versions.

In terms of voice acting, it is important to remember that Wing was dubbed during the Golden Age of Anime, where anime dubbing was in its literal infancy. While Wing was notorious for having the main cast voice all the background characters, so you are hearing the same voice in multiple scenes. Endless Waltz is probably the first example (at least in my experience) where the English dub is actually pretty fucking good. By this point, the voice actors were comfortable in their roles, and despite this series being in DESPERATE need for a re-dub, it is still bearable. Still, though, they really need to re-dub this, like come on Funimation/Sentai/Aniplex.

And that’s all I can really say about New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz. It’s a great movie if you loved the anime series, wrapping things up as best they can, and a pretty solid 90s anime movie if you didn’t. I still maintain that Gundam Wing was a cornerstone anime for many in my generation, which is probably why I have such fond memories of this. If you got into the Gundam series after Wing, and haven’t check out both the series or this movie, give it a look. If you are able to get past less than stellar voice acting, and animation that hasn’t aged well (except for the movie, that still looks AMAZING). I think you’ll love it. Besides, who doesn’t love robots blowing shit up during Christmas?

Also, this is one of the greatest anime scenes ever put to film. Of all time. Fight me.

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