Don’t @ Me: Eight of my Anime Opinions: Spring 2020 Edition and other Stuff.

Welcome back to Don’t @ Me. The place where, like Hayasaka’s wonder ‘hey, hey’. I burst into a room to give you my thoughts and opinions on pretty much anything in this world of anime, etc, etc, blah blah. Today I’m just talking about the anime I’ve been watching this season, along with some other stuff. So let’s get into it after the cut!

(Spoilers for the conclusion of Demon Slayer: Kimestu no Yaiba)

HEY, HEY! - Kaguya-sama Love Is War 2 - YouTube
Best line from best girl.

1. It’s been a strong season so far, despite many of the heavy-hitters being pushed back. As bummed out as I am sure many are about losing ReZero and Sword Art Online among others, it has allowed other shows that would have been forgotten to step forth, which is always good.

2. I’m enjoying My Next Life as a Villainess a lot. It’s a fun, cute little anime that honestly feels like one of the few in years that you should actually show to young children. That said though, I do kinda wish that Bakarina had gone the route of actually switching up the two main leads, having Catarina be the kind and loving girl, and therefore making Maria the manipulative bitch. I think that would have been really funny. That said though, this is a fun wholesome harem with a great opening theme.

3. Gleipnir really does feel like Mirai Nikki’s spiritual successor, but far tighter and well told so far. Claire Aoki is just an absolute treat to watch, and the series goes whole-hog on the trashy sex atmosphere it’s been selling.

4. Fruits Basket, or as I now call it: Sadness, Bad Parents, is a joy to watch. It’s ability to see-saw between comedy and teenage angst is impressive, but I’m just here for Shigure’s 85 phase plan to try and tap Akito’s boy/girl pussy. Like for real, the best characters are the ones out of high school.

5.. World’s End Harem is getting an anime adaptation. I’ve dabbled in this series, and the fact that it will be gracing TV screens is quite surprising. It’s not Parallel Paradise, but it is a straight up sex show at points. I’ve said before that I thought Ecchi’s best days were behind it, but it seems that Japan has said “not so fast” because there has been a steady increase in the amount of sex focused anime coming out. I can only hope for an adaption of Paradise, but I’ll take what I can get. Sex Sells.

6. So Demon Slayer: Kimestu no Yaiba ended it’s run this week. On one hand I’m very glad it opted to go the Black Cat route, and end it’s story when the main plot focus was completed. Considering the massive popularity it has had thanks to the anime, I would have thought the powers that be would have dragged it out. Respect for not doing that!

7. But man, that final chapter is really fucking weird. Time skipping to present day with all of their descendants/reincarnations is just….strange. It doesn’t give anyone real closure, and honestly feels like fanficcy. But hey, if that’s how the author wanted to go out, props to him. It’s just REALLY fucking weird.

8. Just bathe in the excellence that is Ai Hayasaka. Just BATHE IN IT.

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