Cleavage: Seins Magnifiques

Another hentai review, and one of a show that I’ve been coming (heh) back too many times over the years! It always a detailed menu when it comes to the cultured shows, but when you find a classic you love, it’s something you’ll never forget. That’s the title we are talking about today. After the cut let’s take a NSFW dive into the hentai series: Cleavage!

(NSFW images right up ahead. Please read with discretion)

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Colder than the set of Friends

I’ve spoke about this in previous hentai reviews, but I have always been a huge fan of artist Sei Shoujo. An extremely talented group of artists who has created the characters for some of the most famous hentai (Bible Black, Starless, Discipline: Record of a Crusade), their style has had a long lasting effect on the industry, yet remains something wholly unique. If you have ever dabbled into hentai at all, then you have probably come across one of these series, and you can see why the art is so loved.

Cleavage is the tamer entry compared to the other three entries, meaning that in terms of the sex and situations it is straight vanilla. No demons, no crazy sex cults, and no chicks with dicks, Cleavage is a ‘story’ about Eriko and Yuuto, a step brother and step-sister who give into their sexual attraction, all the while their equally busty art teacher Sayaka decides to get in on the action. Words are exchanged, feelings are shared, and then body parts are put into other body parts, in a variety of places. All involving teachers and school girls who look more like amazons than humans.

Banging step-siblings is a Hentai Classic, and Cleavage’s Eriko and Yuuto are remarkable subdued about it.

I’m serious about that. While the designs of Sei Shoujo’s females has always been more mature than other hentai, there is something about the girls of Cleavage: Eriko and Sayaka that makes them stand out. It is probably because, as the most normal of the four series, the designs just feel really out of place. No school girl is built like that, and I’m not talking about the gigantic boobs. Even the background characters look like this, with everyone feeling extremely tall, incredibly well built, and looking like they just are ready for war at a moments notice. Of course none of this is bad, but I can’t deny that taking these designs out of the fantastical and insane settings of the previous hentai and putting them into what can only be regarded as normal, feels a little strange.

When Amazons Fuck!

In terms of the sex, Cleavage is straight vanilla up and down, covering all the usual sexual bases and thankfully is an excellent entry in that. Upon recent viewing, I was surprised at just how ‘gentle’ everything was. Even nowadays, vanilla hentai enjoys getting a little freaky and rough in the sheets, but Cleavage has none of that. I wouldn’t go as far to stay that it is tender lovemaking, but there is a degree of intimacy that is becoming much harder to find in the modern era. While no where near the passion of say Kakeshi Dere, or Nee Chanto Shiyo Yo! It is still there, and the final threesome scene between the characters to wrap everything up feels extremely passionate, if only for the background music that clicks so well.

The final threesome scene is a personal favorite, because it doesn’t’ try to do too much, and lets the music set the gentle tone.

Like I said at the top, if you have been around the hentai sphere then you have probably at least come across Cleavage. If you haven’t, and you are a man or woman of culture, then I would advise checking this out. While absolutely something of its time, and not the most high quality compared to its fellow series. It’s a respectably solid vanilla hentai that is a great gateway to the world and art of Sei Shoujo. Good designs, good sex, and great boobs all around, you won’t go wrong with Cleavage, so give it a shot and see what you think!

And for a show called Cleavage, there is only ONE girl who actually shows any! I mean really!

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