Four Years of Shallow Dives in Anime

This week will mark the 4th anniversary of Shallow Dives in Anime! I can’t believe that much time has passed, and frankly, I can’t believe that I’ve managed to keep it up.

Four years in, I continue to enjoy this little passion project of mine, giving my thoughts, expressing my views, but not trying to drown my readers in pedantic arguments, or over the top analysis. I let you know what I think, give some thoughts and send you on your way. Hyperbole, bad faith, cliquishness and trying to game the algorithm is all over the place, and people seem more concerned than ever about where both they, and their views, stand on the culture war. One that, as I have said many times, is slowly making its way into the anime sphere.

I also won’t lie and say that this four run of it has been a bit harder than the rest. There have been more dry spots and moment where I felt my posts were not up to par. Whether that is the balance of work and hobby, or just not having much to say. I won’t deny that I felt this year was weaker than before. I still love blogging, and I hope that I can step it up in the future and continue to give the best work I can do, shallow and all.

As always I have many people to thank: CrowIrinaLynnScottYomu, PeteJon Spencer, Lesley, iniksbane  Catholic weeb and infinitezenith for always being there for chat or comment. And most of all to you. If you have taken the time to look at one of my posts, leave a like, or even a comment. Know that you have always brought a smile to my face. and warmth to my heart.

So here is to four years of Shallow Dives in Anime. You can look forward to the Thursday post with the celebration review. One that I’m eager to get into and discuss. But for now, as always, all I can say is.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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