Don’t @ Me: Ten of my Anime Opinions: Neon Genesis Evangelion Edition

We all knew this was coming.

Neon Genesis Evangelion, one of the most influential anime series of all time has finally been put on Netflix. Regardless of your personal opinions on the series, finally being able to see it on a legal platform, after years of forcing to buy overpriced dvds, or bootleg version, is a welcome sight. And what better way to celebrate it then with some opinions!

Welcome to Don’t @ Me, where like Shinji’s crippling depression. I rise up from the darkness to deliver some hard biting truths about anime. It’s raw, to the point and has more leg than Misato. Join me after the cut as I give you ten of my opinions, some snarky, some genuine, about this legendary series.

Image result for get in the damn robot shinji
I don’t care about your hot-take on Shinji’s relationship with his dad. This is still fucking funny.


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The Summer of Love: High School DxD Episodes 7-12: The Raiser Arc

And that’s season 1 done and dusted!

12 episodes in, and I am already loving being back in the World of High School DxD and enjoying rediscovering parts of the series for the first time. Now that most of the pieces have been set in place, the show is ready to jump in with the first real baddie of the piece. Once again we got a bit to go through, so after the cut let’s take a dive into the second half of season one and the second story arc: The Raiser Arc.

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Blondie Strikes

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Sunshine Blogger Award: I’m Walking on It!

Thank you to Crow from Crow’s World of Anime for tossing me a nomination for this award! I’m happy to have been selected and I am looking forward to posting my thoughts. If you don’t know, here are the rules.

The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog so that other people can visit them
  • Answer the 11 questions put to you by the nominator (I’ll have to amend this; answering 33 questions would bore y’all into a coma!)
  • Nominate 11 bloggers of your choosing and provide them with a new set of 11 questions to answer (I may nominate slightly less than 11)
  • Notify the nominees by commenting on one of their blog posts
  • List the rules and display The Sunshine Blogger Award logo within your post or on your blog site.

Right, let’s get into my questions after the cut!

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The Summer of Love: The English Dub of High School DxD

We will be jumping into the second half of season one next week with a look at the “Raiser Arc” and all it brings to the table, but this week I wanted to steer the Summer of Love into a topic that many people don’t really discuss: The English Dub, and my overall thoughts and feelings on it. There is a good, a lot of good, and some slightly not so good. So join me after the cut as we jump into our next chapter of The Summer of Love, the dub! This is another long one, so be ready!

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A serious poster for a not at all serious show.

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The Summer of Love: High School DxD Episodes 1-6: The Raynare Arc

Fuck, it’s good to be back.

That was my feeling the moment I started watching the first six episodes of High School DxD. After almost three years since I first loaded this show up, I’ve come back to the anime that (along with ReZero) brought me back into the genre. I’m six episodes in and it’s been a wonderful ride. Expect more text than pictures this time, I got a lot to get through. Let’s get into the series and it’s first story arc “The Raynare Arc” after the cut. 

Image result for Highschool DxD poster

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Don’t @ Me: Ten of my Anime Opinions: Mobile Suit Gundam Edition

Don’t @ Me is back again! From the depths of the hell where people don’t know that Bible Black is a thing, I crawl up to deliver my anime opinions that are raw, to the point and from the heart. This week we settle in for a meal of teenage angst and giant robots that is the Gundam Franchisee. Let’s get into it after the cut.

Image result for bright slap
What I want to do to every Universal Century lead character.

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