On my Radar for Fall 2022: The (Mostly) Eight Episode Check-In!

Fall 2022 is reaching its climax and it has been an overall strong season overall! Plenty of good shows, some surprises and a few that weren’t as good as you would expect. As always I have my thoughts as we reach the last quarter and it’s time to get into them! So after the cut, let’s see where I stand after eight episodes!

Chainsaw Man

My thoughts after eight episodes: I was hard on this series when it first came out, mostly because the anime sphere promised me the world, and it ended up just being ‘fine’. Eight episodes later I have warmed up more to Chainsaw Man, but it is still nothing really special? Beautifully animated for sure, probably the most ‘cinematic’ anime I’ve seen in years, some great action too. But this wasn’t the crown jewel that people were screaming it was going to be. That said, I do enjoy seeing the insanity every week.

STATUS: My poor gag reflex

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War

My thoughts after eight episodes: After taking a bit of time to pop off, Bleach has reminded me about how much I love this show when that pop starts popping. Great action, fantastic animation and a focus on the part of the cast people actually like. There have been nice little additions that have helped fill in some of the manga gaps, and again, it’s so glad to see this show have money being thrown at it. Nothing beats a bankai.

STATUS: Sucking up all the heat from the world.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury

My thoughts after seven episodes: This is the other show that people have been falling over themselves to praise and a reminder that sometimes not everything is made ‘for you’. Thankfully the creators were upfront in saying that the need to make a Gundam that the new generations will actually care about and I get that. In terms of the show it’s been a bunch of good mecha fun with some interesting plot points, but the show does feel like it’s been ‘treading water’ for a bit. At least the Aerial looks fucking badass.

STATUS: Happy Birthday to you!

The Eminence in Shadow

My thoughts after eight episodes: If G-Witch reminds me that some anime aren’t made ‘for me’, then Shadow is the anime that is. This show has been nothing short of fantastic. It’s insane and self-aware premise, the world it has built, the fun characters, CId himself. All of it has just thrown me back in my seat. That is probably because I ‘get’ what the show is trying to do, and I can relate my old teenage self to Cid’s ideas. That said, nothing about this show is special when looked at objectively, but still, it’s bloody fantastic.

STATUS: My 33 moves!

Spy x Family Second Cour

My thoughts after eight episodes: While I knew this show would be overshadowed by the new shiny shonen thing coming out, I wasn’t expecting to feel that this show has been treading water as much as it has been. While it has been following the manga chapters to the letter, those feel more easier to digest than in the anime fair, where most of the recent episodes have a filler-taste to them. Still what is there has been everything that makes SpyxFamily so wonderful and the last episode has brought the plot back into focus with another great addition. It was probably unfair to expect this show to keep up the hits for this long, but even when it is not hitting, this show still slams.

STATUS: I wuv you!!!!!!!

Akiba Maid War

My thoughts after five episodes: I figured this show was going to be dropped when I realized that it had only one joke in its pocket. While the idea of maids and yakuza is a fantastic idea, that feeling wore itself out more quickly than I expected. At least Zombieland Saga, this series’ most direct comparison, had for viewers to chew on. Perhaps being in such a ‘heavy’ season like this one has damaged it for me. I wonder what I would have thought had this come out in Summer or Spring. EIther way, I have little interest in continuing it.

STATUS: Dropped.

2 thoughts on “On my Radar for Fall 2022: The (Mostly) Eight Episode Check-In!

  1. I’m one of the old-school Gundam fans, and so far, Witch From Mercury is looking like it has all of the makings of a fantastic series. The problem is momentum and pacing, and admittedly, the one-on-one duels are nowhere near as spectacular as all-out warfare seen in earlier Gundam works. I am willing to keep up with this one, since the setup and conflicts between the various corporations have the potential for conveying relevant messages about the world today, and yes, Aerial is a pretty bad-ass Gundam, rivalling the Unicorn in terms of what it can do.

    As for Spy × Family, it’s almost unfair as to how good it is. The breather episodes are solid, the episodes that drive Operation Strix forward are thrilling, and it feels like this anime is hitting all of the right notes, all the time, without fail. It continues to intrigue, and Anya reminds me of all of the anime I typically watch.

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