The Quintessential Quintuplets Volume 4: So you want to build a Snowman?

Our look at the manga series The Quintessential Quintuplets continue! It’s school trip time, and the confrontations between the girls started to become more pronounced, as well as the constant teasing of who ends up with Fuutaro? Let’s get into the fourth volume of the series right after the cut!

Spoilers for the final outcome of the series. Read with discretion.

In this volume we deal with the school trip, and the first time that Fuutaro and the Quints are on their own. Away from books and studying, we see the characters adapt to a new environment, which is always good for those blooming into adults. I mean, puberty is just a hell of a thing. The main issue in this volume is the developing relationship between Miku and Fuutaro. Like I’ve discussed before, out of all the Quints, it is Miku who is the first to really take to Fuutaro, and the first to really show any feelings for him. However, having been raised with the idea that her and her sisters are ‘five parts, share equally’ we see that she is struggling with the idea that she may want Fuutaro for herself, instead of ‘sharing him’ with his sisters. Not in that way sadly!

This is again, as I’ve said in each review, and will continue to say, the heart of what Quintuplets is about. The sister growing apart and realizing that life is pulling them into different directions. Unlike some harem anime, Fuutaro isn’t a person who can be shared, split up and divided. There is only one bride at the end of this tale, which means that only one Nakano sister will win, while the others lose. While the story hasn’t got right into the fight for Fuutaro yet, we see that Miku is already trying to stake her claim. The conflict however comes from trying to combine her attractions and desires, with the bond she has for her sisters. Her conversation with Fuutaro, and deciding that things shouldn’t be equal, but ‘fair’ marks the first real breaking away from the life and ideas their mother taught them, and shows that Miku isn’t content in staying the same way forever.

Miku is the first of the sisters to stake out her claim, their bonds be damned.

Then of course, there is the school trip, which is chalk full of those classic romantic comedy/harem tropes we’ve all come to expect. Fuutaro gets locked in a room with Ichika, someone get sick from getting sprayed with water, the legend of the end of trip dance is given way more important than it should, plenty of pouting faces, and of course: uncensored non-consensual hand-holding. It’s all fun, cute and doesn’t drag itself on for too long, and the story loves to make things as confusing as possible to, dropping hints like “the bride held his hand on the last day of the trip!” then show that all of the Nakano sisters were holding his hand. It’s a cute little misdirection, and it keeps the mystery going, even though I am reading this book with the knowledge of who ends up getting picked.

Stuff like this keeps the mystery going, we just don’t know!

Speaking of which, four volumes in now, and there hasn’t been much time spent on building the relationship between Fuutaro and Yotsuba, the girl who ends up winning. Much of the story has been developing the bonds between the other sisters, which makes me wonder still that Yotsuba may not have been the intended pick. While I am aware that the author had it planned from the start, there just feels like there isn’t anytime spent on it. Is that a bad thing? I don’t know. There are plenty of volumes left to cover, and I do like that there is time spent on all the girls, reflecting again that the series isn’t really about who ends up with Fuutaro, but how the girls deal, accept and handle that they are all becoming adults.

They may be quintuplets, but Yotsuba and the other sisters are developing their own strengths and weaknesses. They can’t be the same forever. ‘Even’ can’t last.

Volume 4 of The Quintessential Quintuplets is another solid entry in a solid series. This isn’t story that is deep or meaningful, just a cutesy well told romance manga that has a good mystery behind it. We have now left the part of the series where the first anime season has ended, and we are going into new unknown territory. This is also the part of the series I am least familiar with, so I look forward to seeing how things end up going! I hope you’ll stick around and see what adventures lay in store in volume 5!

Love me those pouts.

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