One Year of Shallow Dives in Anime!

It’s September 9th! Which means it has been exactly one year since I’ve started this blog!

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It’s been a wild ride, I’ve talked about good anime, great anime, harem anime, ecchi anime, decent anime. I’ve blogged about manga and even a hentai or two. I can’t believe it has been a year since this little passion project started, and that I’ve managed to keep it going and not get sick of it, or burned out.

I love anime and everything about the art form, warts and all. Shallow Dives in Anime was always my place where I could get those feelings out into the world even if no one was listening. I have a small audience, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world, and I hope those reading have enjoyed my work, despite the multitude of spelling errors (like holy shit, I need to edit more). This blog has become a real love of mine, and I always have so much fun thinking about what I’m going to write next, whether it’s about a series I love, or just me bitching constantly over Shinmai Maou no Testament.

I won’t say I have big plans for the next year, I plan on keep doing what I do, delivering bite-sized looks into the anime world, and my own thoughts on the seasonal fare as they come and go. There will be more character dives, shallow dives, Don’t @ Me, Tune of the Weeks, and whatever else comes next. I’ll probably finally talk about Chivalry of a Failed Knight, and I probably am going to review another hentai somewhere down the line. I’ll gush about Rin and Shirou from Fate, and wait with bated breath for the never going to happen second season of No Game No Life. 

This has never been about getting a following, or becoming a “player” in the anime community. I’ve never wanted that, and I’ll probably never get it. I won’t chase fads or trends, or court outrage for the sake of it. I just want to talk about what i want to talk about, and about the anime that makes me feel things. I just like to write, and I just like to write about anime. If you like what I write, then that makes me happy, if not…well that happens.

I have so many people to thank who have welcome me into this little WordPress family. Crow, Karandi, Irina, Matt, Pete, Lynn, 7mononoke, Scott, Yomu, anyone who has ever pressed like or said anything in a comment. You have all been here longer than I have, and I respect and admire each and everyone of you. I hope this year will be just as fun and eventful as the last one was.

So here is to a full year of blogging at Shallow Dives in Anime. Whatever comes next this year, know I’ll still be here talking about stuff, and I hope you join me in the journey.




2 thoughts on “One Year of Shallow Dives in Anime!

  1. Congratulations! It really seems longer than a year; you seem so well established!

    “I have a small audience, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world,…”

    I’m not _that_ small. I’m over six… oh, I see what you mean…

    And no, I’m not a comedian. Why do you ask?

    “I’ll probably finally talk about Chivalry of a Failed Knight, ”

    I’m looking forward to that! I’m really curious why you haven’t reviewed it so far — though you’re certainly welcome to gloss over that detail if you want to!

    Hope your next year is as enjoyable as the first!


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