Uzaki-Chan wants to Hang Out!: Nothing unseen about it.

In this crazy world of anime, there are many shows that often take on a life of their own. Whether they become massive overhyped hits, meme worthy legends, so bad it’s good, or culture war flashpoints, every show is capable of leaving behind something. And there is no better case than the show we are talking about today. Join me after the cut as we dive into the anime series Uzaki-chan wants to hang out!

The true crisis of 2020

As a show, Uzaki-chan isn’t that special. Another entry in the genre of girls being upbeat, happy and unique, Uzaki-chan and other shows like have always been an acquired taste. You either love the show completely, or you end up hating it because you cannot stand the main character. In terms of Hana Uzaki herself, the nominal lead, she doesn’t step far away from this mold. You are either going to love the big breasted ball of energy that she is, or you can’t. It is that simple, and the entire show is predicated on that fact.

Personally, I didn’t much care for the show at the start, and even after it is all said and done there was nothing really there that stood out. The jokes ranged from decently funnying to dull, the animation was nothing special, and it really didn’t have much to say about anything. Not that that is a bad thing of course, I’ve always been a proponent of the ‘tune in, tune out’  type of shows, but Uzaki-chan just didn’t pull me in. Frankly there are plenty of other shows that can do the job much better. However…..

Contrary to what the internet might tell you. Women do exist who look like Uzaki.

Because the internet decided to have a collective meltdown, because they decided to look at Uzaki and decided that THIS was the line that should not be crossed. And because people decided to stoke the flames of the culture war, on both sides. Uzaki-chan wasn’t allowed to just exist. Instead it became a flashpoint for the ongoing slap fight between anime fans, and people who don’t understand the community or the fandom. I will not bore you with my opinions on these matters, things I have already discussed before. But I will say that such a controversy is frankly wasted on a show like this, which is so harmless it’s almost hilarious. I will remind people that Redo of a Healer is still a thing that is happening next year.

The relationship between the two main leads is cute and harmless, and I like how they make each other better people.

Uzaki-chan wants to hang out!, is a harmless show that is dull at most times, and decently interesting at the others. It is honestly a show that I think many people, myself included would have dropped if not for people making it out to be some great problematic thing (fuck do i hate that word) that it isn’t. Hopefully with a season two now confirmed (which really shows you just how wrong people got it), will allow this show to stand on its own two feet, and not be a scapegoat for people’s sensitivity and attention seeking, on either side. And maybe be a little bit funnier too. Still with all that said.

I’d gladly donate blood if Uzaki-chan asked me too.

Sign language for: Get over yourself, you idiot.

12 thoughts on “Uzaki-Chan wants to Hang Out!: Nothing unseen about it.

  1. It’s crazy that anyone got upset about this series, especially without even seeing it. I will disagree with you about it, however. I thought it was hilarious and very well put together. I’ve got a couple more series from the Summer season to watch, but other than Fruits Basket, this is my favourite so far.

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  2. I should send this over to Unseen Japan, who started this whole controversy. Before their little tantrum about the Red Cross, this series was obscure as heck: I like the premise and delivery, but it’s not something I would’ve heard about or watched if there had been no controversy.

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    • I doubt he would even waste his time, and frankly I have no interest in fighting that battle. He knows he was made out to be a laughing stock. That’s enough.


      • I hear their head is so far up their ileocecal sphincter that they simply moved in to complaining about other stuff in the same way with the hopes of getting that cancelled. No sense in speaking with a brick wall.

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    • I never knew where the controversy started. I thought it was the idea that having a short female was somehow pedophelic? (Forget that her other assets show she is quite mature.) That’s gonna be a downer for all the short women I’ve met over the years.


      • I’d rather not get into the whole mess, but it started when some idiot blogger got upset that a blood drive had a picture of Uzaki-chan.


      • I did some investigation and it appears that SJWs were freaking out because they think the character’s large breasts “sexualize” women. Nobody would have complained if they were small.

        (Long list of obscenities directed at hypocritical SJWs.)

        The sad reality is that as anime gains in popularity, people other than fans are going to start proclaiming what is and is not acceptable in anime and distributors – if not studios – will listen

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      • I don’t get involved in these Twitter spats because you never know what kind of psychotic might be on the other end, but people were calling them out for their hypocritical stance here, saying it was actually the kind of body-shaming they rail against all the time.

        I hope there will always be distributors willing to bring fans what they want. If not, people can go straight to the source anyway, and I’m sure the streaming services don’t want that.

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  3. This was pretty much how I felt about both the show and the controversies — it didn’t rise above just all right for me, and I wondered why anyone thought it was worth the trouble to get angry over.

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  4. […] Uzaki-Chan wants to Hang Out!: Nothing unseen about it. (Shallow Dives in Anime) — Another interesting take on the Uzaki-chan anime that riled so many people up. It’s also nice to see the Unseen Japan site account get poked in the eye a bit. To be fair, they do raise important social issues, but then they proceed to trash their credibility by getting mad over anime girls, which I see as both a waste of time and effort and a ridiculous stand to take in the first place. But then I’m obviously biased about that. In fact, maybe this is a subject for a separate post. […]


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