Black Cat: The Best at What it Does.

Last October and November, I decided to take a season long look at the manga series Black Cat. I discussed the manga from cover to cover, looked into the characters, the music and everything I could think of (cept the anime). As it was a series I always really enjoyed, I walked away respecting the manga for what it does so well: telling the story it wants, and then leaving the stage. After the cut, you’ll be able to see links to all the posts I did on the series, so I hope you enjoy!

Image result for Black Cat manga

Story Breakdowns

Volumes 1 through 5: The Introduction Arcs

Volumes 6 through 10: The Cerberus Arc

Volumes 11 through 14: The Tearju/Saya Arc.

Volumes 15 through 20: The Creed Arc

Characters and other Posts

The Autumn of Black Cat

The Autumn of Black Cat: A Primer

Black Cat’s Train Heartnet: Sweet, Simple, Basic, Freedom

Black Cat’s Eve: The Pot of Gold

The Music of Black Cat

Final Thoughts on the Series

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