On my Radar for Summer 2021: Dragon Maids, Villainesses, Blood, and More!

Spring 2021 is just about finished and it has been a great run, but that also means that Summer 2021 is almost upon us! We have a bunch of cool series and sequels coming, but what am I going to be watching? After the cut let’s see what’s going to be on my radar (at least for now) for Summer 2021!

12 Anime With Serious Summer Vibes – Recommend Me Anime

 Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S

Chu-Chu Yeah!

My initial thoughts: This is a triumph regardless of whether or not it is good. To get this after the death of the anime director in the tragic fire at Kyoto Animation. To see that the studio will not let what happened hold them back is just a feel good thing. I won’t let that color my views of the series, but it is something that should be celebrated.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Season 2

The most interesting woman of the world.

My initial thoughts: Hamefura was my surprise favorite of 2020. A great series with great characters and a killer opening song. Will the second season be just as good? Or is this a show that needed to stop when it was ahead? We’ll find out soon!

Spirit Chronicles

If I don’t see some thicc thighs, Imma be upset.

My initial thoughts: This could be an easy drop, or my guilty pleasure of the season. It looks like harem shit, and I’m all for that harem shit. Let’s hope it has some boobs and thighs to show off!

The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!

Look at the girl on the right. You can feel the ‘ara-ara’ from her.

My initial thoughts: The reverse isekai for the season. This looks like it will be fun and cute comedy series with plenty of cute girls and ara-ara mamas to enjoy. Can’t hurt to at least give it a look right? Hopefully it’ll be good!

 Higurashi: When They Cry – SOTSU

Shit’s gonna get real!

My initial thoughts: Higurashi’s sequel series has taken time to get really good, but now you can’t put it down. The answer arcs promise conclusions, twists and hopefully enough buckets of blood. I simply can’t wait for Satoko and Rika to finally throw down!

One thought on “On my Radar for Summer 2021: Dragon Maids, Villainesses, Blood, and More!

  1. I am extremely obsessed with the Spirit Chronicles light novels, so please warn me if I start spamming about it again. Volume 15 of the English translations of the light novels will be released next month but it looks like this adaptation covers the first three volumes. Anyway, the protag does end up with a harem with over a dozen girls but it starts out quite slowly and sexy teasing does not start until volume two of the LN.


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